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Comparing Price & Value for Chicago Messenger Services

Posted on December 1st, 2014 by AdmiralAl

Shopping for a Chicago messenger service can be daunting when you see one provider’s rate versus another’s that is much higher or much lower. Are the costs a clear indicator of what kind of service you’ll get? How do you select the right messenger service for you?

Like it or not, in the world of delivery services, you often get what you pay for — so before finding the cheapest price and going with it, you ought to know what you might miss.

  • factors-price-value-messenger-serviceProfessional Drivers: There’s a difference between drivers who are sloppy and hurried and drivers who are committed to quality. Often, the biggest differentiator between the two comes down to professionalism. A trustworthy delivery company will offer the kind of training and accountability that means reliable deliveries time and time again.
  • Safety & Security: This should be a priority for all customers. Knowing the drivers have been drug tested and have passed an extensive background screening will always put customers at ease.
  • Strong Customer Service: Likewise, it’s hard to put a price on a delivery company that clearly communicates with you via online shipment tracking and instant proof of deliveries. Strong customer service is more than a perk — it’s a value-added benefit that is worth paying for.
  • Flexibility: When you have a package that needs to ship as soon as possible or when you find yourself needing to ship some precious cargo, you’ll want a delivery provider that is flexible enough to work with your time constraints while also being skilled enough to handle your packages well.
  • Types of Deliveries. Let’s face it: sometimes you’ll need to ship larger and bulkier products that require more space, time and energy to transport. Some delivery companies can’t handle special deliveries like these, but the ones that do can be real lifesavers when you’re in a bind.
  • Speed of Delivery. You can expect there to be a difference between deliveries made during standard hours and those made at off times. Special deliveries that require a rush or immediate service often involve extra fees — but when you need to make a rush delivery, you’ll be glad to have a delivery service that can accommodate you. Similarly, when you want to send something after hours or on weekends or holidays, it’s nice to know a company that can handle it.

When you’re looking for reliable, value-added, on-time and on-budget messenger services in Chicago, you’ve got no better resource than Best Transportation Services, Inc.! When you simply fill out information about your order in our online form, we’ll provide you with a rapid quote for the project — and you can count on us to offer all the benefits that mean high-quality service every time. Contact us today to learn more!

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