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Should You Choose Brokers or Carriers for Courier Service Deliveries?

Posted on October 2nd, 2014 by AdmiralAl

Are you aware of the type of service you are getting when you place an order with a courier service? Some of these companies are carriers, while others are actually brokers. While carriers take care of their service with their own drivers, brokers outsource the work to other companies, although they might still have their own carrier service in their base city.

One is not necessarily better than the other, but it depends on what you are looking for in a delivery service. A local carrier will be better for some courier service jobs, while a broker might be the better option for others. Here are some factors that will help you decide which is better for your needs in each situation:

Advantages of a Local Company

  • You know who you’re working with and can check the company’s security policies, procedures and safety record
  • You can get to know the delivery staff and feel comfortable with them
  • The carrier is directly responsible for the outcome of your delivery
  • It’s easy for you to communicate with the carrier
  • You have a customer service team who will track the entire delivery process
  • The staff knows your area and delivery restrictions within it
  • The service is based on your market
  • You will get a fixed price
  • You can get set up with real time on-line tracking & POD’s

Disadvantages of a Local Company

  • You might get a different rates based on your market
  • There can be numerous points of contact across different cities
  • You will not receive real time tracking updates

Advantages of a Broker

  • One broker can cover a number of different markets
  • You might have one point of contact regardless of the city
  • The broker might be able to find very inexpensive delivery services

Disadvantages of a Broker

  • A third party is actually carrying out the delivery
  • You are unable to check the delivering company’s ID badges, safety records and other information
  • You cannot communicate directly with the delivering company and brokers do not communicate with the shipper and the consignee
  • You will experience many different companies, so you will not get to know the delivery staff
  • The broker’s customer service team does not know the service area and will be unable to give you delivery updates
  • Brokers work with the least expensive carrier, which is generally not the best company

As you can see, local delivery services comes with many advantages over working with a broker when you are looking for local delivery within and around Chicago, although a broker also sometimes has its place. A local service knows the area, including delivery restrictions, and will provide you with direct communication.

If you are looking for a Chicago courier company, count on Best Transportation Services. Contact us for a free quote on local delivery services.

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