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5 Ways To Use A Chicago Messenger Service

Posted on November 24th, 2014 by AdmiralAl

From sensitive legal documents to life-saving medical supplies, deliveries are important — and that’s why enlisting the help of a Chicago messenger service is such a good idea for a Chicago business. Whether it’s to deliver sold products or to transport goods to and from warehouses, a local messenger like Best Transportation Services can help you ensure 100 percent on-time deliveries, in various situations and for various needs. We work with clients in retail, manufacturing, supply chain, consumer goods, healthcare, 3PL and more. Imagine how your operations could improve through greater shipment accuracy, easier access to local messengers and friendly, courteous service: with Best Messenger, getting goods where they need to go is easier than ever.


What are some specific ways that a Chicago messenger service can help you? Consider the following benefits:


  1. 5-ways-to-use-messenger” width=Immediate Pickups: Say you have a delivery that needs to go out right away, as soon as possible, straight to your customer or client. Best Messenger can provide the fastest delivery service possible, based on availability and with an estimated time of arrival. You get your package ready and put it in good hands.
  2. Same-Day Deliveries: When you work with Best Messenger, you can give us a package by 11 a.m. and we’ll have it delivered by 5 p.m. that same day. This option is ideal for same-day, non-urgent deliveries, especially when you’re able to get packages ready early in the day.
  3. Special Deliveries: Packages that are prepared during the typical workday can go out through special delivery. Anything ready by 1 p.m. can be picked up midday and delivered within four hours.
  4. Emergency Deliveries: Last-minute deliveries that need to happen as quickly as possible demand emergency support — something you can count on getting from Best Messenger. We can do emergency deliveries two to three hours from the time you call in, depending on distance, traffic and weather conditions. So when your customer needs an order right away or a specific product needs to get delivered as soon as possible, Best Messenger is your resource for making that happen.
  5. Reliability and Clear Communication: One of the biggest benefits of using Best Messenger is the level of service you receive. We work hard to provide unparalleled customer service from friendly, courteous drivers. What’s more, we communicate with you throughout the delivery process so it’s easier to know your packages are being delivered on time and on budget.


When you run your business in the Chicago area, it’s only natural that you’ll need to transport goods or documents as part of regular operations and routines. Whether you’re looking for an emergency delivery that can take place within two or three hours or ongoing deliveries every week, Best Messenger is here to provide the kind of high-quality, trustworthy messenger service you need. Contact us to learn more about our on-time delivery services in Chicagoland and how they can help you!

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